Sunday, December 16, 2012

Darling Duality

Ashley and Arial were two sides of a whole coin, they completed each other.
Each girl was living off the other to fill what their genetic composition was lacking. Their only shared trait was a unique alluring appeal; Ashley flowed with fluidity and poise, Arial brimmed with bubbles and mirth. Together, they were utterly enchanting and completely captivating.

Objects can only be whole as long as time allows, and time never travels in reverse. The girls joyous days ended when a severing night separated their souls. Screeching tires and a skidding vehicle was the result of a path hindering bunny, this ball of fluff enforced the discord of their oneness.

Perfectly incomplete, Ashley let Arial enjoy the silky fur of the kamikaze creature, content with spectating. Bunny’s wet nose bump against Ashley’s prettily pert one. The twinkle to Arial’s laughter and sparkle in her eyes as she twirled the undeserving specimen around encouraged Ashley to tolerate the miniature monster’s presence.

The night carried on with Arial’s twirling and twinkling; Bunny was presumed to have affectionate feelings for the girl. Perhaps Bunny did have feelings at some point; but as the night ceased ending, his affections became inverted. Arial’s warm arms began to bore his lusting hunger, so he bit her hard to elicit a shocking release. At his abrupt absence, Arial grew solemn and dilapidated; her radiance was dying. Ashley gathered the fetaling girl and noted her waning warmth. Embracing her, Ashley bartered with deceitful demons for the ability absorb Arial’s affliction. The risk was that one girl would become overwhelmed by the agony and the other girl would be left alone.

Ashley’s poise was always addlepated as apathy because she struggled to share her thoughts and expressions in the same manner as Arial. Admittedly, Ashley always adored Arial- cherishing her cherubic qualities. Aware that if a detachment between them was made, then Ashley would forever be analytic, astute, and alone.  Ashley was certain she could carry the burden of being “agonized” and “apathetic” with minimal emotional adjustment; merely another atomic anomaly, like cancer.

As the night faded, two girls were left huddled together embracing their intimate decisions. They became indiscernible.

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