Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Escaping History

It isn't uncommon for me to fantasize about things: would bes, could be's, and (what I believe) should  be's. I'm a moderately shallow and self-centered person so the majority (eh, 99.98%) of these fantasies revolve around me. Which leads to me wonder if I ever know what is good for me- emotionally or physically. 
Occasionally, I feel neurotic (like OCD crazy) over simple things, I'm not very trusting and I judge people. I now find me deluding myself into believing I can identify a misogynist from pathological pussy-whipped man (and attempt to avoid both characters).
 I don't think I'm fake, perhaps random and complex, but not fake.
(This intro is totally unnessecary but I feel like I have to justify me before I blog my lame, and best efforts, at poetry... wow, what does that say about my character...)
Well, there's a lot I want to say and perhaps eventually will, but this is my first blog.... so, these are my pitiful poems(yay!)

Leave me bleeding on the inside,
While I smile at you through my tears.
I'll never love you the same way,
but I don't know how to say good bye.

(okay, thats one down!!! w00t)

My insides are burning, like shadows at sunset-
slowly, becoming bleak, nonexistent.
There's nothing left for you, except an ashy kiss and empty smile.

Well, yeah... those were my awesome attempts. Hopefully this can funnel some of the creative diarrhea from the  bowel movement known as life =]