Saturday, December 15, 2012

Acceptance of Rejection

Rejection, it may be the least liked feeling of any persons-
 it's being forced to acknowledge that someone’s opinion of you is that you're not good enough.

That feeling stings, and it hurts.

If you consider their opinion worth mattering, then you’ll take measures to lessen the pain- as petty as those actions may be.

I'm not confident there is any precaution you can take to really brace for rejection, perhaps when the time comes you just attempt to endure it and try to be rational with your emotions. Although, I'm certain being rational is not the most convenient option.
Maybe feeling that rejection helps to enforce the reality that we're merely humans and we may not always be provided with the outcomes we prefer.

These past two weeks have felt like months! My emotions have soared amongst sun caressed clouds and been drowned in dams of darkness. I've wanted to cry uncontrollably and shout utter madness- and more than anything, I've wanted another chance. My reactions aren't always rational or logical, and maybe they're unpredictable, but that's part of experiencing life- knowing that tomorrow won't be the same day as the one that has just ended.
That's the tragic beauty to a day’s end- despite the hours of one day dying; it provides an opportunity for a new day to be born and new memories to be made.

Honestly, I'm biased towards good memories; I've never been fond of carrying malice for anyone.
This epiphany could be linked to an irrelevant incident which occurred too recently, such as: choosing to not act on an immature action, having a kamikaze bunny appear in front of your moving vehicle, locking up your breaks to save an obviously stupid creature, and sliding into a field- oh yes, the bunny lived.

I don't know- I'm not graceful and one of the most accident prone people to exist. Maybe I don't have long to live. There's a plethora of possible demises I could encounter!

I just don't want to end by using hate to get over rejection and heart ache- to get over you. I tried as fiercely as I could, and it wasn't good enough- it could be the timing was wrong or maybe I'm just not the right person for you.

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