Thursday, November 15, 2012

Words Cold like your Heart in my Palm

What I did wasn't right but in my mind it was fair. You cornered me once, while I was defeneless and left me with altimatims and fought against my decisions. My mistake was that I concedd.
This time I stripped us both of our defenses, and did not back down. I said the words that broke you and refused to take them back. I watched you fall and felt your hate. Perhaps I am a cold hearted bitch whose void of any emotions, or perhaps Im tired of feeling unhappy. 
I don't love you, I stopped months ago. Nothing is worth this facade and I can't say I'm sorry.
I dont mind taking in all your hatred, I deserve it. I was the one who made you fall.
I will stand here until you can pick yourself back up.
Throw your words at me, and shove your outbursts in my direction; exhaust yourself of all those feelings.
When youre done Ill still be standing, waiting for you to walk away from me.

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