Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shatter Me the Way You Like

How many words does it take before I start to see your lie? How can so many people think the same thing about someone? At what point did I start to become numb to their opinions?

I read your words and hear your voice; do you even believe what you say anymore? I absorb your hate and feel it down to my core. My foundation is breaking. It’s getting harder to look in the mirror.

Fake smiles for forced photos; the charade of fond memories created for you.

Every time you lie to me, I break a little more. Do you really want to watch me shatter?

I'll spare myself from your face, and nurse my own wounds. Don't pluck at my sympathies  or act like you're intrested in my life.
I don't need your friendship, I have myself.

You wonder why I’m so cold and numb; you created this "me".

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