Thursday, November 15, 2012

Decisions Made, But Not Regretted

Sometimes you write things with every intention of posting it for everyone to see. Your pure motivation behind each picked and plucked word is to form methodical composition of your raw emotions. But then you stop when the choices are given to you; should you share with everyone or keep it private. And then you really consider what you’re doing.
Is your own release worth someone else’s suffering?
It's not sane or justifiable to have one's moral stressing at the seams over such a minute decision.
The simple reaction would be to click share; but time slowed down to a pause for a reason. The reason is so complicated and made up of so many events but the conclusion is simple. It’s not worth feeling good for a moment while being aware of the suffering you've caused someone else. The burden of that injustice is unsettling and unforgiving.
In the end, you decide not to share.

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