Saturday, November 24, 2012

Uncontrolled Memories and Imprints of Kisses Good Bye

Rain, there is no rhyme or reason to predict the pattern in which the droplets meet the concrete, all there is to know is that each droplet will not cease falling until their descent has been obstructed-
Sometimes I feel like my memories are the same. 

The memories I want to forget find unpredictable ways to be remembered becoming the cause for whimpers. If those sounds could be translated to words, they would tell you that I'm not always right and I don't always make the best decisions but for a while I've had to endure the continuous onslaught of your image and the sincerity you possessed. Yes, I've forgiven myself for my misdeeds but my stomach still turns when I remember how I made you feel, and still, I'm naive enough to hope that structures can be built on this unsteady foundation. Maybe part of me has resigned itself to quit pushing so hard for a future you wont let happen and to relish the moments that are happening in the present. Right now, you're here, its unfair for me to demand much else.

Someday I want to tell you thank you for: sharing your smiles with me, embracing me in your arms, laughing with me during my insanely awkward moments, and for letting me kiss you when there is nothing else I can do. 

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