Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Last of the Consequence

No consequences, that’s how I feel things should have ended. We were both getting what we wanted, but I became greedy and I wanted more from you than what was being offered. For a moment, I thought you would let me have my way. You did not; instead, you started to dodge me. I may have rebuffed at that response. I have never been skilled at taking rejection gracefully, but you were as equally talented at handling confrontation.

I have moments where my barriers slip and I feel shrouded by darkness. There’s always someone behind me, and I can’t face him. He’s after the warmth I keep protected in my chest. He scares me.

During those moments, I panic and my heartbeat jumps, but then I realize you don’t exists anymore. If it weren’t for the memories, I wouldn’t believe you were real.

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