Friday, March 29, 2013

Leaping through Color

It's official! I've lost my marbles!

To date, my life has mostly been structured and consistent. It has always been easy.

So I decided to take the plane I've grown up on and spin it, invert it, and toss it to a point on an unknown axis.

This is me willingly deciding to go insane and to let go of everything that made my life static and simple.


Because structured and simple provided me with a normal life and right now that isn't what I want to pursue.

I don't want to wake up everyday to the same routine with the same interactions.

Static has become grey on the palette I'm using to color my life.

What I wanted most was to let go of the girl I grew up being and pursue the woman I would like to become; impulsively, I decided that would be most effective if I stripped myself bare and donned new skin that didn't match everyone else. I also thought jumping off a bridge would help.

This was me! A stereotyped blonde of society living a reality limited by a static role.

&& This is me going crazy! I'm not sure if it's the right thing to say, but I kind of like dynamics.

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