Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Metaphorical Forks

One day I found myself staring at a fork, this fork wasn't a normal fork though- it was represented as a metaphor of my life. I encountered this fork while dragging my feet in the dirt of the path I was pursuing. In the beginning the fork's size was minute, I would't had noticed if I hadn't been looking for one. Gradually the fork grew though.  Its width expanding to rival the path I was currently on. How nonsensical this was.
I couldn't help but sit and consider what both paths had to offer, although the fork seemed to favor the newer of the two. The way the sun reflected off the prong closest to this unexplored trail was intoxicating, I couldn't help but allow my bare foot to brush against the soft powder that covered the new path. As lovely as it felt, it wasn't enough to completely deter me, but it was enough for me to ponder more.
The seconds rustled away with the breeze, but I still was unable to decide which path to chose.
A little man appeared beside the old path, he was bonkers; completely insistent that I stay with him- on the other side appeared a non-eccentric cat. How odd, this feline didn't seem to want to persuade me at all. I was struck dumb but found myself compelled to appeal to this pussy cat so that he'd at acknowledge me. The nonchalance he addressed me with was preferable to the erratic attention being offered by the odd, little man.
How tempting it was to just sit there and gander at the two, but the hours flew away with the clouds and twilight was approaching.
My decision was simple, I plucked the fork from the road, placed it in my pocket and continued through the weeds. Today I would not need a set path, I would make my own trail on this Earth.

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