Monday, January 7, 2013

Lost Moments

I could feel his arm draped over my body and his large hand encasing my small one, holding me against him. His heat pressed flush against the cool skin of my back. A tremble rocked through me at the intimate sensation. He’d always been capable of igniting each of my nerves.
He shifted his weight on the bed behind me. I felt him move over my body before I became lost in him. So rapidly, my senses were overwhelmed; my only anchor to reality was his hot breath licking against my ear. Through my daze, I realized he was asking if I was okay. The weak smile I gave him was forced and accompanied by an enthusiastic nod. At that point I was certain words would not have been able to escape my tightened throat.
He lay back down beside me and continued to hold me close. How was I supposed to tell him that I feared the end of this? Because, for me, all of "it" had never been casual.

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